Our structures could provide you with additional space
for any of the following:

Dining / bar areas

Office / meeting rooms

Staff rooms / canteens

Gyms / fitness centres

Classrooms / assembly halls

Warehousing / factory workshops / storage 

Additional kitchens / food prep areas

Retail Spaces

Covered walkways / waiting areas

Example Concept Structures

Examples Structures

If we can provide your business with additional temporary space that is adaptable, flexible and cost effective to help you return to full capacity, then you will help our business and together we will all get through these difficult times.

• Temporary structures are a quick, efficient and cost-effective solution. 
• Businesses will need to return to full capacity as quickly as possible.
• Businesses that get back first will be the winners in their sector.
• Employers have a responsibility to keep their employees and clients/customers safe.
• Social distancing restrictions may only allow businesses to operate at less than 50% capacity.
• Space will be at a premium. 

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