30 Years and counting

Quality & Sustainability

TT Tents has held accreditation under ISO 9001 since 2013. We have a well-established programme set internally to ensure that:-

  • That the materials used in the manufacturing of our structures are of the highest possible quality
  • The quality of the structures used for events are inspected both at dispatch and return from site
  • That all Sub-contractors and suppliers are fully compliant with our procedures and standards
  • That our staff are at all times respectful and competent in the tasks that are required of them
  • That our staff regularly receive the highest level of Health & Safety training available

All products used by TT Tents are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards. Sustainability is a priority and we are committed to contributing to the protection of natural resources and the environment.

We take temporary structure regulations, the safety of our clients, staff and the public very seriously.

We want customers to know that our prices reflect not only the cost of hiring first class equipment but also first class safety. We build our structures in accordance with the new 2015 CDM regulations and BSEN13782 an EU standard which specifies safety requirements needing to be observed.