30 Years and counting

Health & Safety

CDM regulations are now in force across the events industry and TTTents follow the guidelines set out in BSEN 13782:2005. With guidelines designed to be followed by temporary structure manufacturers and suppliers, the regulations ensure the safety of employees, public and others at an event, who could be affected by the construction and use of Temporary Structures over 50m2

All structures are fully inspected and signed off upon completion, with Clients receiving a bespoke handover pack for their event.

TT Tents are committed to setting and maintaining high standards of system management and regulatory compliance to ensure a safe and healthy acceptable code of working practices for its activities. Our aims are to manage and reduce all negative impacts of the business on our staff, stakeholders and anyone else who could be affected.

TT Tents are dedicated to providing a quality TDS (Temporary Demountable Structures) product and service.  Operating from purpose-built premises at North Waltham Business Centre, the company offers a complete solution in a variety of configurations for clients who require TDS, for both commercial and private use.  Since our formation in 1985, TT Tents has striven to provide its clients with excellence in both product and service.   TT Tents has a skilled workforce for surveying, installing and managing each and every project.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism, which is reflected in our commitment to continuous improvement and staff training.

The organisation has defined, established, documented, implemented and will maintain and continually improve its OH&S (Occupational Health & Safety) management system in accordance with the requirements of legislation and guidance.

The foundation of its OH&S Management system is the organisations defined and documented OH&S management system scope.

The scope of the OH&S Management system is to identify and manage all activities that TT TENTS undertakes to ensure the health and safety of its entire staff and all others who may be affected by our activities. This encompasses (1) our supply, construction and deconstruction of TDS (temporary demountable structures) at our client premises and (2) or activities at our base at North Waltham Business Centre.